Here you can find YouTube tutorials for installing Aristois, using addon mods, and more.

All videos shown here are uploaded by Aristois staff members or reviewed to ensure they are safe. The videos are categorised by content. Available videos are listed in the Table of Contents. Use the "Prev" and "Next" buttons to scroll through the different videos in each category.



Table of Contents

  • Installing Aristois
    • Default Installation
    • Manual ZIP Installation
    • No Java Installation
    • Installing to GD Launcher
  • Addon/Fabric Mods
    • How to use Baritone
    • Building with Baritone
    • Seedcracker (<1.18)
    • Seedcracker (1.18.x)
  • Other Videos
    • CBook Dupe (<1.14.4)
    • Locating Strongholds
    • SuperReach Demonstration
    • NoDelay vs. Vanilla

Installing Aristois

Videos related to installing Aristois.

Default installation

Manual ZIP installation

No Java installation

Installing to GDLauncher

Addon/Fabric Mods

Videos related to addon and Fabric mods.

How to install/use Baritone

Building schematics with Baritone

Using SeedcrackerX on <1.18

Using SeedcrackerX on 1.18.x

Other Videos

Videos that fall outside of the other categories.

How to dupe on <1.14.4

How to find Strongholds

SuperReach Demonstration

NoDelay vs. Vanilla